General public closed to the public – staff are working remotely and attending pre-scheduled in person meetings

Member hours for drop-in activity are Thursday 5-8pm starting July 2. RSVP is required at this time with the following link: 

If you have a child welfare issues please contact Child and Family Services or the Winnipeg police. If you require agency related assistance during this time please email: or call (204)988-9200 ext 119

532 Ellice Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 1Z2

Phone: (204) 988-9200
Fax: (204) 813-4704


Jane Marion
Interim Executive Director

ext. #101

Suzanne Neilson
Manager of Finance & Administration

ext. #114

Evan Maydaniuk
Director of Development and Marketing 

ext. #110

Manager of Site-Based Programs


ext. #107

Kirsten Dent
Senior Manager of Programs and Mentoring Coordinator

ext. #113

Kevin Allum
Mentoring Specialist

ext. #102

Ian Buxton
Manager Big Smiles Collection Crew

ext. #103

Pearl Alifasi
Match Support Worker

ext. #105

Wendy Carvalho
P.R.I.S.M. Mentoring Coordinator (on leave)

ext. #118

Kirsten Nicholson
Mentoring Coordinator

ext. #108

Michelle Bowles
Match Support Worker

ext. #111

Kelley Shuster
Mentoring Coordinator and United Mentoring Network Navigator

ext. #115

Mackenzie Kolton
Mentoring Support & PRISM Coordinator 

ext. #106

Casework Supervisor Line
Casework Supervisor Emergency Line

ext. #119

Caroline Malzhan
Administrative Assistant

ext. #120

Keagan Lilley

ext. #104