Looking To Donate Event Tickets?

Do you have tickets to an upcoming event that you can’t attend? Why not share the excitement! You can donate your event tickets to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg and we’ll make sure they get put to good use.

Littles and their mentors have attended everything from Winnipeg Jets and Blue Bomber Games, performances by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and even passes to the Red River Ex and Cirque de Soleil! This has all been thanks to generous individuals and businesses who have donated from across the province.

Why Donate? You can feel good helping youth in our programming experience the best events our city has to offer. We can even issue you a tax receipt for the monetary value of your tickets! Big Brothers Big Sisters relies greatly on in-kind contributions from our partners.

Have any questions? Leave us a message below or give us a call at 204-988-9200.