Thank you for your interest in our programs. Please see the criteria section by clicking the + sign under the form itself for more information.

You can also download the General Parent Information Package 2020 to review more detailed information. (If you are not the parent/guardian but have questions about the process please visit this page for information and contact information:

CURRENT PROGRAM UPDATES (Please click to expand this section)

At this time, intake is currently paused for all programs except Ototema (for youth involved or at risk of involvement with the justice system).

Due to the length of our current waiting list, we are unable to accept new applications for service at this time. It is important to us to provide immediate service in the form of group and site-based programs while youth wait for a 1:1 match. This requires us to cap the waiting list at times. We understand this can be frustrating to folks looking for support.

We continue to actively recruit new mentors and do our best to accommodate as many youths as possible, but our capacity to enroll new youth depends on many factors.

We thank you for your interest.

CRITERIA (Please click to expand this section)


For the Big Brother, Big Sister, and Big Sister/Little Brother programs, caregivers can apply for children at the age of 7, and for  PRISM at 9. Boys over 12 and girls over 13 are no longer eligible to apply to enter the Big Brother or Big Sister program, however youth who are on the waiting list are eligible for matching until they are 15.  (Youth in other specialized programs, such as Ototema, MAP and PRISM can be over 12/13 years of age at the time of application).

Youth must voluntarily want to be a part of the program, and will be updated regularly while they are waiting for a match. Youth will be offered group and short-term programs immediately after acceptance.

Youth who are under 16 years of age must have a parent/guardian who supports the application and can be involved in the process. Youth who are over 16 will be assessed as the primary applicant, should they wish to advocate for themselves. If you are not the individual with legal signing rights for the child, the legal signatory must provide permission.

Youth, and parent/guardians if applicable, must agree to regular contact with the Agency.

Youth must reside in Winnipeg

As there are many programs and many considerations when determining program eligibility and fit, there may be criteria not listed here that is program specific.

An Enrollment Coordinator will work with you and your child to review your situation and determine how a mentor would be of benefit. Factors that would be considered regarding your child’s needs include:

  • Parent or guardian support
  • Adult involvement other than the parent(s) or guardian(s)
  • Peer relationships
  • School performance
  • Involvement in community activity
  • Living environment
  • Mental health needs
  • Ability to form and maintain a healthy, safe relationship
  • Ability to perform self-care

Due to the high number of youth already on the waiting list, intake is closed to new youth referrals. Please check back at a later time.