Rudolph Red Tag Sale & Holiday Party

Rudolph Red Tag would not be possible without the generosity of our Big Winnipeg community in helping our Littles find gifts for their families each holiday season. With our Bigs & Littles coming back yearly to make handmade holiday crafts & ornaments, plus mingle over holiday treats, their reaction coming to the event is why we continue to share the festive spirit with our represented families 🦌🎁🎄


Thank you to our amazing community donors and partners for helping us hold our yearly Rudolph Red Tag Sale event and holiday party for our Bigs and Littles!

This year, our event will be held on Saturday, November 25th, 2023!

Special consideration goes out to those who held or committed to donating toy, clothing, or general gift/donation drives:

  • Red River Co-op


From now until Wednesday, November 22nd, you can donate to our Rudolph Red Tag Sale event by dropping off donations at the scheduled times below;

  • Wednesday, November 15 – 9 AM – 8 PM
  • Thursday, November 16 – 9 AM – 7 PM
  • Friday, November 17 – 9 AM – 4 PM
  • Saturday, November 18 – 1 PM – 4 PM

Due to varying office hours, please do not drop off items outside of those hours. If you need a different time slot to drop off your donations, please email so that we can try to accommodate something.

Can’t drop off your donations during our scheduled office hours?

Please email! We can reply back to you to confirm a staff member will meet you at our front door to collect your donations.

Unconfirmed or unscheduled donations are discouraged and will not be collected until a staff member is present on site.

We can accept the following new, unopened, or gently used donations:

Handheld Activities & Games

  • Toys & board games for all
  • Crafting & knit kits
  • Journals or notebooks (unused)
  • Adult coloring books
  • Fidget spinners


  • Dress socks or warming socks
  • Slippers (all sizes accepted)
  • Adult mittens
  • Adult winter hats or toques
  • Scarves, ties, and accessories

Sports/Athletic items

  • Small outdoor sportsware (hats, scarves)
  • Hockey or football memorbilia
  • Golf balls and golf tees
  • Winter warming gear
  • Sports cards

Self Care & Hygiene

  • Bath products (new, unopened)
  • Showercare & Haircare Products (unopened)
  • Bodycare & lotions
  • Hairbrushes and hair tools
  • Candles

Cooking Items

  • Kitchenware & cook gadgets
    • No appliances or single-use utensils
  • Cookbooks
  • Mugs
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Tea or coffee box packs
  • Oven mitts/aprons


  • Basic headphones
  • Mini wireless speakers
  • Phone cases (unopened)

We also encourage $5 – $10 gift card donations

Sometimes, the gifts our loved ones would appreciate the most come in the form of their own choosing.

For mentees who can’t find the right gift for their mom, dad, grandparents, or additional family members, gift card donations between $5-$10 increments are encouraged to the following places:

  • Coffee
  • Groceries
  • Home and Beauty
  • Malls 
  • Movies


  • All large furniture items (Couches, Mattresses, Chairs & Tables)
  • DVDs & CDs (single copies or collections)
  • Open or partially used makeup & skincare
  • Home bedding & fabrics
  • Appliances (Microwaves, Air-Fryers
  • Large Electronics (TVs, Computers, etc.)

Please drop off these items at a local non–profit of your choosing in your Winnipeg community, such as: