The Big Difference A Little Can Make

Blog Post – February 1st, 2021

“You’re always happiest when you’re helping people” wasn’t the answer I was expecting. Most lost souls seem to take a sabbatical in Australia or rediscover Mark Manson. But when he asked, “Have you considered Big Brothers Big Sisters?” all I could think was, “No — but I’d like to.”

My mentor always seems to know what to say.

My mid-20s were restless. I’d already accomplished what “adolescent me” couldn’t settle any less for: a degree, a career, a car, a roof. At 26, who knew there was so much more life left to live?

My teenage years were less existential. Their defining traits were more about survival. And I often wonder who I would have become without my mentor — if anyone at all.

Mentorship is remarkable without the expectation that it must be. Being an ear to listen to, an afternoon to escape with, or a perspective to shed light on were all difference makers that changed my life’s trajectory for the better.

I never had a formal Big Brother or Sister, but I’ve learned the power of mentorship. Now having become a Big Sister myself, I have the chance to be the person I needed when I was younger.

Being a Big Sister has been one of the more meaningful experiences of my life. To say I expected things to be harder would be an understatement, perhaps because my Little Sister is so wonderful to spend time with. In part, I thank Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg for matching us so well.

Most times, I feel we’re best friends. We love creating art together, going for walks, or seeing animals at the zoo. Hearing what she has to say humbles me, makes me laugh, and makes me think.

I can only wonder how I influence her, but I can say she certainty influences me. I strive to be a better person in the moments we’re apart, I seek more exciting opportunities so we can share them together, and despite our busy schedules we make time for our hangouts.

I’m grateful I’m a Big Sister, I’m grateful for my Little Sister and I’m grateful for my mentor. All of this has inspired and influenced me in such incredible ways and through the simplest means.

Text Written by A Big Sister, names and images have been swapped for the safety of our program participants.