Storybook Program

Program Overview

“Everyone’s story matters.”

The Storybook Program is a short-term mentoring preparation program for volunteers and youth.  It is designed to give young people a meaningful short-term mentoring experience that engages them to be creative, self-reflective and the author of their own story.  Youth may take part in this program once, consecutively, or while they wait for a long term match in one of the other programs.

Over the course of 8 sessions, once a week for 2 hours, mentors will help their mentees to author and illustrate a strength-based story about themselves through a fictional character they relate to. Mentors and mentees will  learn about the elements of story (character, plot, timeline) and will also have the opportunity to illustrate parts of their story with art. Big Brothers Big Sisters will then publish a copy of the book for the youth to keep.  This program is a good way for both youth and mentors to try the mentoring experience.