A New United Mentoring Network



United Way of Winnipeg Priority:  More Mentorship for Kids

The United Way of Winnipeg would like to see 1800 new youth mentored over the next three years, and a strong collaboration of youth-serving agencies to make it happen. Big Brothers Big Sisters has been selected as the leader in youth-mentoring in Winnipeg, and will lead the development of a partnership model to increase mentoring capacity in Winnipeg. This has been called, the ‘United Mentoring Network’.  This will be an organizational mentoring model where network members will work together to enhance recruitment of more mentors, and place them in Agencies who commit to proven evidence-based mentoring practices. The hope is that agencies who are involved in youth mentorship programming will join this network and help us to enhance effective mentorship practises and importantly, enhance mentorship opportunities for child and youth in Winnipeg.

The initial exploratory meeting occurred November 16th, 2017.

All agencies and organizations running mentoring programs in Winnipeg are invited to connect with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg and be a part of this exciting new initiative. Contact, Jane Marion at jane.marion@bigbrothersbigsisters.ca for more information.